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 Complete Rollup side kits can be added to any greenhouse!

Greatly helps with vetulation to keep crops healthy!


Kits are for both sides to roll up.


Each kit  includes

     -4.1 ratio drive crank

     -Poly clamps

     -Slip reducer for crank to roll bar

     -Tie strapping/ wind strapping

     -All hardware needed


Easy installation video will be sent with every purchase.


You will need to purchase 1.315 drive bar(top rail) from the fencing section of your local hardware store. Tubing will come in 10.5ft lengths and have a swage on the end in order to fit pieces together.

You will also need a piece of 10ft( or (2)5ft) pieces of 3/4 in emt. This will be located in the electrical section.


Avarage pricing for 

     -Drive bar $20.98 per 10.5' piece @

     - Pivot bar $12.68 per 10' @


You can also check with your local chainlink fencing supplier for top rail.






  • If lenght isn't available please go with the next size up.  Please call 971-281-0428 with any questions.

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