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This kit has hoops placed ever 4 foot on center till your desired length. 


10ft wide complete kits are made to last, we use 16 gauge 1 5/8th tubing for the hoops and 13gauge structual grade 1 7/8th tube for the ground tubes to insure that!

We made these kits with the backyard/ hobby gardener in mind. Someone that wants a full functioning greenhouse kit that looks great on there property. 


Each kit comes complete with everything you need to assemble an OPEN ENDED KIT or KIT WITH END WALLS

- USA MADE 1 5/8th commercal grade gavanized steel hoops and 1 7/8th 13 gauge tube for the ground tubes

- 6MIL 4 YEAR RATED POLY for top cover, front and back if end walls are chosen. All come with extra on front back and side for ease of install.

- Hot dipped galvanized Channel Lock and poly coated wire to affix the poly to greenhouse

- All hardware needed to assemble.

-Front endwall with a 3x6.5' door made from 1.5x1.5 16 gauge square tubing.

-Back wall plain with no entry

- We pride ourselfs in supplying all hardware needed to assemble your new greenhouse!


Note: the only thing you will need to finish house is double the length of your kit in base board. Most use a pressure treated 2x6 from local hardware store. 



  • Here at Northern Garden Supply we know that one size doesnt fit all. If there is a size your looking for. Or you have some other type of customiztion that you want to add to the house feel free to reach out to us @ 971-281-0428. We will be more than happy to help you along your greenhousse journey!

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