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Northen Gardens 630w Light Kit

Ready to grow right out of the box!

Made with high strength 95% light reflective aluminum reflector. Uses 2 ceramic metal halide 315w bulbs for the closest match to the sun's spectrum than any other light. With fully adjustable reflector perfect for indoor and greenhouse footprint needs.

Each Kit comes with 

  - Ballast hood combo

  - 2 Ceramic metal halid bulbs (CMH)

        +1 3000k

        +1 3100k-r

  - Power cord in 120w or 240w

  - 2 Fully ajustable rachet light hangers


Like all are products customer service is avaliable 7 days a week. You can contact us by phone or via email. Click " contact us " link on this page and let us know how we can help!



This light comes with a 3-year factory warranty!

630w Light

$299.99 Regular Price
$275.00Sale Price
120v or 240v