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Each house is 13ft tall to peak and 10FT to truss. 30FT houses are made out of 1 7/8th commercial grade steel, with a 4 point connection truss, larger top connection tube, and structual capacity ground tubes for a stout structure.

Also great for lifestock covers or shop/equipment cover. 


Each Kit comes with

-Gable hoops (easy fit together design)

- 5.5ft tall side wall.

- 6MIL 4 YEAR RATED POLY for top cover, front and back of house.

- 4 point connection truss

- Channel lock and wiggle wire to fasten poly

- All connection hardware nessary to install greenhouse.


Chose the option to build you own endwalls or let us supply them!

Our ends are made with a Galvanized steel frame covered in 6mil polyethelyne 4 year rated plastic.

Entry wall comes with (2) hindged 4x7 doors made from 1.5in square galvanized tubing.

Back wall is a 4 upright 3 brace end.

Both ends come with all the steel, channel, wire, hardware and plastic you need to assemble.


PS; All you will need to complete greenhouse is double the length of you house in lumber. Preffered lumber choice is pressure treated 2x6. (Unless organiclly certified use fir or cedar)


For this house we have the option of

-Roll up sides

-Shade Cloth

-Ground cover fabric

-Ventilation fans


Included in cart and they will be shipped together!


If you have any questions feel free to give us a call @ 971-281-0428


  • We know here at Northern Garden Supply that all everyone needs something a little different. So if you would like anoth size or would like another option that isn't listed please feel free to reach out and let us know. We will be happoy to assit you in your own personal greenhouse kit.

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