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20ft wide complete kits are made to last, we use heavy duty 1 5/8th tubing to insure that!

We made these kits with the backyard/hobby gardener in mind, all the way up to commercal nursurys. Someone that wants a full functioning greenhouse kit that looks great on there property. 


Free shipping on all kits.


Each kit comes complete with everything you need to assemble a OPEN ENDED KIT

- 1 5/8th commercal grade gavanized steel hoops and ground tubes

- 3 runs of 1 3/8th purlin

- Added truss for hoop support

- Sway bars/ wind bracing in all 4 corners

- 6MIL 4 YEAR RATED POLY for top cover, front and back of house (option to upgrade to woven 7mil 4 year).

- Hot dipped galvanized Channel Lock and poly coated end wire to affix the poly to greenhouse

- All hardware needed to assemble

-Cad blue prints and instructions included.


Roll up side kits fit with this greenhouse!


Note: the only thing you will need to finish house is double the length of your kit in base board. Most use a pressure treated 2x6 from local hardware store.