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Each house is 7.5-8ft tall to peak. 12FT houses are made out of 1 3/8th commercial grade steel, with 2 piece hoop on 5ft centers, center perlin, sway bars and structual capacity ground tubes for a stout structure.


Each Kit comes with

- 2 piece Quanset hoop

- Top mount center perlin

- 3Ft structual Ground Tubes

- Sway bars (2) for houses up to 30FT long and (4) for houses longer than 30ft.

- All connection hardware, base board hardware and screws ( all you will need is 2in wood screws to affix base hoard to house with our clamps)

-Channel Lock and Wire enough to run front/back hoops, and base boards

-6MIL Clear 4 Year Rated Poly top cover included ( includes extra 5ft for ease of use) option to upgrade to Reinforced woven poly available.

For this house we have the option of

-Roll up sides

-12ft steel end wall kits w/ 8x7doorway

-Auto shade/blackout kits

-Manuel blackout kits

-Ventilation fans


Included in cart and they will be shipped together!


This is a comlete open ended kit all you will need is lumber for base boards and 2in wood screws from your local hardware store.