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Here is a list of parts that we stock with a brief description:

Dripline - 1/2" tubing with built-in drippers a set distance apart. Saves the work of attaching drippers.


Drippers - Small plastic valves with barbed inlet and outlet that can attach to 1/4" Tubing or 1/2" Tubing.


Filters - Screen filters that keep sediment and precipitate from clogging the small openings in drippers and sprayers.



Fittings - Connectors and adaptors to change from one type tubing to another or to change direction.


Kits - complete sets of parts that will fit together to create a single drip circuit, used as an introduction to drip irrigation and to serve as the base for a complete system.

Odd and Ends - Stakes, ends, hold-downs and all the small parts that you need to finish a drip circuit.



Regulators - Valves that reduce house water pressure to the right pressure for your drip irrigation system.



Sprayers - Use up to 50% less water with our mini-sprayers compared to conventional lawn sprayers. Covers a small wetted area.


Timers - Automatically control the flow of water to your drip irrigation system. Set the time of day and the duration.


Tools - Punches to attach drippers to 1/2" Tubing.



Valves - Controls flow of water in tubing. Can shut off branch lines or reduce flow.


Tubing - Lightweight plastic tubing in three diameters to route water to all parts of your drip irrigation system. Designed to last in the sun for many years and to withstand
being left out all winter.


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